Why I’m Running

“I’m supporting Dan Benson for County Executive because he will make county government work again and bring transparency and accountability to Mercer.”
—Annette Lartigue, Former Trenton City Councilwoman

Protecting Taxpayer Dollars

As your County Executive, it will be my top priority to fix our county’s finances and be a responsible steward of the taxpayers’ dollars. Our money should be spent on projects that help our community, but lately we’ve seen too much waste and mismanagement. As County Executive, we will put an end to this by hiring qualified staff with the proper experience and credentials to manage our money. Anyone who’s overseeing our finances will be subject to rigorous oversight, accountability, and transparency.

Earlier this year, we also learned that millions in capital projects that were approved by the board of commissioners never went out for bond. In my administration, when a project that’s going to help our county gets approved—we’re going to get it started, without unnecessary delays.

Mercer needs an active County Executive to make sure our finances are managed effectively and to hold government accountable. It’s time to get our finances back on track and I’m committed to making sure your tax dollars are put to good use.

Reaching Mercer’s Potential

Mercer County government should be leading the way in our state and in our region but, right now, we’re not. We have so much untapped potential—together we can turn the page and capitalize on great opportunities. I’m running to bring leadership with a clear vision towards this outcome.

Mercer County is my home, and it needs steady leadership. The County Executive's office is a place where I will bring real change and ensure that our municipalities and residents get the help that they deserve. I am a consensus builder—I will partner with our municipalities to bring innovation and collaboration. My office will always be open, accessible, and willing to work with anyone to move Mercer forward.

You’ll always know where I stand as County Executive. I’ll invest in our future through better infrastructure, education, and help for those who need it most. Government has to work for everyone, not just a select few. To make this change, I will prioritize openness and collaboration across all levels of government.

As County Executive, I will be an active manager who is decisive, takes clear action, and leads by example. I will hire vetted, qualified staff from diverse and broad backgrounds that have real expertise, and I will expand diversity in county contracts. I will hold county government and its employees accountable to following best practices, and ensure that not another dollar of taxpayer money goes wasted.