Key Legislative Accomplishments

Dan has been one of the most prolific legislators in the New Jersey Assembly. He has introduced 88 bills that have been signed into law.  He was among the primary sponsors on more than 300 additional bills that became law, and a co-sponsor of over 300 more! 

Highlighted Legislation Signed into Law:

  • Sponsored/passed the "Opioid Antidote and Overdose Prevention Act,” which for the first time provided Narcan to first responders and created a Good Samaritan exception from arrest for those that stay with an overdose victim while awaiting an emergency response
  • Sponsored/passed a bill to ensure insurance companies have sufficient pediatric primary and specialty care doctors in Medicaid after the Governor signed the largest expansion of child Medicaid coverage in state history
  • Created/passed the very successful electric vehicle incentive program that provides thousands of dollars for the purchase of new electric vehicles and the installation of home chargers, and sets goals for the state to transition to electric vehicles
  • Lowered the cost of prescription drugs by sponsoring and passing “Cap the CoPay,” which requires health insurers to provide plans that limit patient cost-sharing in prescription drugs
  • Invested in county technical schools, security in school buildings, and capital projects at county colleges by passing the "Securing Our Children's Future Bond Act," which provides $500,000,000 in bonds for capital projects
  • Passed the "Restorative Justice in Education Pilot Program," in the NJ Department of Education, providing grants to schools that adopt changes in their discipline policy that end the cycle of violence in schools, reduce truancy, and improve victim outreach
  • Protected transportation workers through the "Motorbus and Passenger Rail Service Employee Violence Prevention Act" to end the spike in violence against bus and train workers and passengers
  • Kept Uber and Lyft riders safe by passing "Sami's Law" in memory of Robbinsville resident Sami Josephson who tragically lost her life to a fake driver. The law requires transportation companies to issue, and drivers to display, certain identification in their vehicles
  • Increased school bus safety for our most vulnerable students by requiring training for school bus drivers/aides on interacting with students with disabilities, and requiring the development/use of student info cards
  • Improved access to mass transit for people with disabilities and saved the state money by passing a bill that creates paratransit best practices, increased coordination among paratransit providers, and established regional coordinating councils
  • Protected victims by providing emergency assistance to homeless individuals or families who have experienced domestic violence
  • Cut taxes for small businesses by passing a bill that allowed elective pass-through business entities to maximize federal corporate tax credits with refundable income tax credits
  • Fought for state law enforcement officers by passing legislation to ensure health care and disability benefits to those enforcement officers and other employees who were injured on the job
  • Brought equity in STEM programming by working with robotics teams in Mercer to establish a pilot program to support FIRST Robotics Programs in more school districts
  • Worked with family advocates, students, and teachers to establish the "Deaf Student's Bill of Rights," which ensures that no student is denied an education
  • Trained the next generation of students against disinformation by passing a bill directing NJ Student Learning Standards to include information and media literacy for K-12 students

Notable Accomplishments on Mercer County Board of Commissioners:

  • Adopted a responsible contractor ordinance requiring contractors to pay workers fair wages and benefits while ensuring worker quality and safety
  • Invested in local economic growth through public projects, including a new county courthouse, road and bridge improvements, and home weatherization
  • Worked with local municipalities to provide shared services; examples include road improvements, weights and measures, and communications
  • Increased efficiency and cost-savings in county recycling by approving a single-stream vendor
  • Established a County Homelessness Prevention Trust Fund aimed at eliminating homelessness throughout the county

Notable Accomplishments on Hamilton Township Council:

  • Championed open government by banning nepotism in hiring, adopting strong anti-pay-to-play rules, and requiring developers to disclose political contributions
  • Preserved hundreds of acres of precious open space and adopted an open space and recreation plan that increased the state and local funding available for these projects
  • Expanded the Hamilton senior center by adding space, programming, and extended hours
  • Protected our children by improving school zone traffic safety through increased state transportation grants, as well as collaborating with our school system and police department